Life & Debt & Fresh-Ass Kicks

Added on by Alexei Mohajerjasbi.

Thanks to the good people at IHeartBlueScholars (we see you!), we just got hip to these customized quilted Nike Blazers inspired by our cut “Life & Debt.”  Mister Danny P, the mastermind behind these here kicks, explains:

“Life and Debt” is one of my favorite tracks from Blue Scholars. I listened to this song EVERYDAY for two years when I was away at college. Although it was a love song, the melody put my soul at peace during my rough two years at college, so I wanted a pair that incorporated the words “Life” and “Debt.”

Check out more work by FalseQuest, whose designs across the board are clean and subtly subversive. And a shoutout to the documentary Life & Debt (Stephanie Black, 2001), which examines Jamaica’s neocolonial economic quandary at the mercy of international lending. Watch it if you haven’t yet, and go fight globalization by supporting local artisans and getting your kicks customized using our song titles. (Yes, we know Nike is a globalization-benefitting multinational corporation. And so is the supplier of the computer you’re reading this blog post on.)