You call it Thanksgiving? We call it…

Added on by Alexei Mohajerjasbi.

Oh, Thanksgiving. The hallmark holiday where America asserts itself in all of its cultural hypocrisy— gluttony, Black Friday, some make-believe narrative about Pilgrims and Indians coming together in harmony—yet is still an institutional call for gratitude, family, humility, appreciation, and, if you’re Sabzi, Iranian breakdancing.

Keeping historical accuracy (remember people, it was genocide!) at the forefront of today’s festivities, here’s a couple recommendations of ways to keep up while slathering gravy all over everything.

1. Read Up & Talk About the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act, which has been kicking it in Congress since 2001, would allow undocumented young people who immigrated to the U.S. as minors the opportunity to apply as permanent residents provided they either enroll in higher education or enlist in the military. Couched under the National Defense Authorization Act for a minute, it seems that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is planning to bring the DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill to be passed before the Democratic majority disappears in the House… as early as next week. Learn more about why the DREAM Act is important to the security and livelihood of hundreds of thousands of first-generation Americans from and from this article in The Economist. And if you’re sitting around with a lot of registered voters this evening, you might want to bring up how the DREAM Act is small potatoes compared to the amount of undocumented immigrants whose arrival we celebrate every year for Thanksgiving.

2. Dispel the Hunky-Dory Thanksgiving Narrative by watching this video, an accessible narrative for people of all ages.

3. If you’re local, go ‘head and Kick It at Hidmo for Thingstaken Tonight. Featuring music by Seattle’s own prolific producer/DJ OC Notes, the event promises “freedom.”

Free and all ages.